Jazz Clinic 23-24

2023-24 Tennessee All-State Jazz Prepared Music

Bass Trombone
Drum Set
Aux Perc

As in the past, each student will perform two (2) prepared pieces, plus sight-reading, plus improv (drum set will perform styles in place of improv – see below). 

IMPROV: F Blues – each student will listen to one (1) chorus and play for two (2) choruses AND Bb Rhythm Changes – each student will start immediately after the count-off and play one (1) chorus. Backing tracks and lead sheets are linked below.

Blues In Concert F pdf Blues in Concert F MP3
Bb Rhythm Changes pdf Bb Rhythm Changes MP3

Rhythm Changes Cheat Sheet

Blues Lead Sheet C Instruments

Blues Lead Sheet Bb Instruments

Blues Lead Sheet Eb Instruments

Jamey Simmons, Director of Jazz Studies at MTSU, and Joe Davidian, jazz piano instructor at MTSU, have provided the following informative videos to assist our students as they prepare the F Blues for their regional and All-State jazz auditions.

Video #1

Video #2

Will perform two (2) prepared pieces, plus sight-reading, plus styles (in place of improv). The styles are to be performed as follows:

Below is a PDF and a Spotify link to help with drumset:

Drum Set Grooves PDF

Percussive Arts Society Spotify Playlist for Drummers

AUX PERCUSSION: Involves Vibes and Auxiliary Percussion. Each student will sight-read on Vibes and Congas. Improv will take place on Vibes.

Jazz Video Files Currently Available