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Proposed 2024 Inductees:
Alan Hunt
Zack Williamson

2023 Inductee:
Tyler Fleming

2022 Inductees:
Joel Denton
Ron Rogers

2021 Inductee:
Robert Dugan

2020 Inductees:
John Culvahouse
Edgar Meyer, Sr.

2018 Inductee:
Alice Willard Lyman

2016 Inductee:
Jay Craven

2015 Inductees:
Jennifer D’Andrea
Frank Hale

2014 Inductees:
Celia Bachelder
Dwight Christian

2012 Inductees:
Pete Hodges
Roy Holder

2011 Inductees:
John Abel
Ric Best
Wilkes Bobbitt

2010 Inductees:
Harold Wilmoth
Norman Woodall

2009 Inductees:
Chet Hedgecoth
J. S. Tilson

2008 Inductees:
Tony D’Andrea
Stanley Barnes
Walter McDaniel

L. Howard Nicar

2007 Inductees:
A.R. Casavant
Jack Connell
W.J. Julian
O’dell Willis